Fondazione centri di riabilitazione Padre Pio ONLUS provincia di Sant'Angelo e Padre Pio dei Frati Minori Cappuccini di Foggia

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Gli Angeli di Padre Pio



Viale Padre Pio 24
Tel 0882/456264 Fax 0882/453817
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"Gli Angeli di Padre Pio" is an always open private outpatient Rehabilitation Centre credited with the SSR (Regional Health Service), that has 25 beds for mentally and physically disabled, sensory and psychic disabled both adults and children. The Centre is suited for post-acute and high-complexity patients who need to undertake or continue an intensive or extensive rehabilitation process after an acute event or as suffering from a chronic disease. It accommodates people with nervous system disorders: outcomes of strokes, cranial encephalic trauma, spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative , respiratory, cardiovascular, muscoloskeletal (hip prostheses, knee, amputee, trauma) diseases. In addition, patients with developmental disability (PCI, muscular dystrophies), artistic spectrum disorders, language, attention, learning disorders, genetic syndromes and patients affected by oncological diseases are accepted to the centre.

At the Centre you will find a team of rehabilitation professionals consisting of doctors, rehabilitation experts (physiotherapists, speech therapists, TNPEE, orthoptists, occupational therapists), engineers, psychologists, nurses, medical social workers.

In addition to traditional therapies (including physiccal therapy, neuro-psycho-motor skills, speech therapy, occupational therapy, orthoptics), the centre grants additional therapies (including tiflology, osteopathy, music therapy, hydrokinesitherapy, muscle pull therapy).

The centre also has an innovative Unit of Rehabilitation Technology in which there are: